About Peter's Proverbs

Within these pages and posts are my thoughts and ideas regarding Bible verses and what they mean to me. These are my thoughts on the challenge of living in accordance with God's will, and in accordance with Jesus' teachings.

I make no pretense of deep scholarship, nor great claim of authority. I do not even claim originality; I am sure other men besides me have thought these things. These are simply my views--no more and no less.

I share these with the world and hope they will inspire others to pick up God's Word and read it for themselves, openly and honestly. I believe that when we study God's Word with an open heart and an open mind, we gain insight into His will, and what He desires from each of us. Through study and prayer, we are able to learn how to live better, and perhaps how to build a better world for everyone.

This is my journey. I invite you to join me.